Stare Her Down

Stare Down, #2

Gunn is a different type of Dom than most we meet. He needs an emotional attachment to the sub he plays with, to be fulfilled. In an effort to help out a friend in a bondage competition, he needs a sub. He thinks Bailey is a perfect replacement. She has the body that is perfect for him, if only she knew it.

Bailey is dreaming about the perfect man, and it's not Gunn. She thinks if she was thinner, it would solve all her problems and attract the man’s attention. So, she approaches Gunn to help her and he offers her a deal, if she helps him, he will help her.

The connection between Bailey and Gunn is off the charts. I loved that while Bailey is off dreaming about another man, she begins to desire the dominance that Gunn provides, along with the boost to her self-confidence. It leads her to wonder and think about the difference between fantasy and reality. The sex scenes were intense.

"Stare Her Down" is the second book in the 'Stare Down' series by Riley Murphy. I found this book well-written with a unique plot. The main characters and the secondary characters were interesting. I enjoyed the journey this book takes the reader on, even though the ending was a bit predictable. Overall, this was a very great book. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

Book Blurb for Stare Her Down

“Because I want my woman to unravel. To give up and give in. To give it all to me. Everything. Her mind, her body, and soul, is mine in that moment. Submission becomes more than a word. It’s her lifeline that’s tied to me."

"Relax, rope is my paint brush..."

As a knotting expert, Gunn is the logical Dom to represent the club in the all-important bondage competition. He thought he had the sub he needed as partner, until she quit on him. Now he has to find an ideal replacement immediately.

Bailey wants the perfect bikini bod to capture the affections of her monumental crush. After a few margaritas, which prompted some sketchy decisions, she thinks her naughty neighbor can help her shape up. Didn't a Dom equal Drill Sergeant?

Opportunity knocked saying, "Dom in need? Meet a woman on a mission."

Through Bailey's humor and Gunn's stoicism, they find a precarious balance until the scales get tipped, but not in her favor. By the time she realizes her mistake, that a Dom is anything but a personal trainer, it's too late. She's literally tied up in a mess of her own making.

Now when Gunn's previous partner returns and she's looking to make amends, Bailey must decide between the dream guy she's always wanted, and the guy she's always dreamed of, but thought she could never have...

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2014 4.00