Sinful Weekend

Nick Dahlberg is captivated the minute he sees Stephanie enter the ski resorts bar. She has a body that sends his libido into overdrive. Stephanie is at the resort to vacation with her best friends from college. Therefore, she tries to stay away from the hunky guy she spots. Her friends leave before the weekend, so Nick and Stephanie spend the weekend indulging in his naughty imagination.

I enjoyed the fact that Stephanie wanted to spend her time with her friends and not a guy. I also liked how Nick was willing to wait until Stephanie’s friends left. The chemistry between Nick and Stephanie is off the charts explosive. The sex is hot and explosive.

I loved the ending to this story. Normally I am not fond of short stories but this was a wonderful hot story. I hope to see more from these characters in the future.

Book Blurb for Sinful Weekend

From the moment the beautiful brunette entered the ski resort’s crowded bar, Nick Dahlberg was hooked. As if her natural glow and smiling brown eyes aren’t arousing enough, when she removes her bulky vest, her sexy contours send his imagination—and libido—into overdrive. What fun a sinful weekend with her would be.

The yearly vacation with her best friends from college dictates no flirting, but when Stephanie notices the tall blond staring at her from across the room, lust coils and heat instantly ignites between them. The man is yummy with a capital Y.

The following day brings them face-to-face, and his invitation to explore a secluded ski run is too tempting to resist. Thankfully her friends are leaving before the weekend, because Stephanie finds she can’t say no to spending time with Nick…or the long list of delightful pleasures his naughty imagination has in mind.

A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 4.00