Shane's Submission

This was a different take on the concept of friends as lovers. Shane and Leo are best friends who have been through everything together. They put their friendship first before every other relationship they each have. When Shane finally opens up as to why his ex-girlfriend broke up with him Leo wants to show him how wrong he is.

The chemistry between Leo and Shane is blistering hot. These two are made for each other even though Shane has not even fully realized it yet. I loved how quickly he embraced it though. I also liked that he did not have a meltdown about having sex with his best friend that just happened to be a guy.

Overall, while I liked the story the ending was a bit weird. I mean who keeps their doors unlocked at night or am I the only paranoid one that keeps all my outside doors locked? At only 28 pages, this is a quick hot story. I wonder if we will see more of these two as they explore each other and life together?

Book Blurb for Shane's Submission

Shane and Leo have been best friends forever—through high school, dating disasters, and family losses. Lately though, Shane has been feeling more and more unsettled. His girlfriend dumped him because he wouldn’t spank her, and he can’t stop thinking about the kiss he and Leo shared in high school, long before life happened and they grew up.

When Leo confronts Shane about his depression, the whole, unpleasant story about the breakup comes spilling out. Leo offers to spank Shane so he can understand the appeal, and shockingly, Shane wants to agree, but both of them are straight and he’s not sure it’s a good idea. Besides, he’s not into pain and he feels weird asking his best friend for sexual advice—Leo is too important to him to risk their friendship over something like this. So what if he can’t figure out why the idea is so intriguing?

Be Warned: m/m sex, light BDSM

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2013 4.50