Sacred Revelations

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Sacred Revelations

Chronicles of Surrender, #2

‘Sacred Revelations’ is the second book in the Chronicles of Surrender series by Roxy Harte. While this book can be read as a standalone, it is best read as part of the series.

Celia Brentwood is battling a question can she serve two masters? She served her master, Garrett until he introduced her to Lord Fyre. Lord Fyre showed her the darker side of BDSM. After three months at his hands, she loves them both and does not know what to do.

Celia is called either Kitten, Celia, and Sofia throughout this book. This book picks right where the first book ends. Kitten/Celia/Sofia goes back to her house for one last night with Garrett before spending three months with Lord Fyre.

While there was still no chemistry between Kitten/Celia/Sofia and Garrett, there was plenty between Lord Fyre and Kitten/Celia/Sofia. The sex between Garrett and Kitten/Celia/Sofia was still mostly vanilla, but the sex between Lord Fyre and Kitten/Celia/Sofia was mostly the darker side of BDSM. There was such a contrast between Garrett and Lord Fyre I can understand why she had a tough time choosing.

Garrett’s friend Jackie is a nut case. I am still not sure how you can be friends with someone that voices her opinions about what you are doing wrong in your life and what you need to do to fix it. She is also rude to Kitten/Celia/Sofia that you would think if Garrett really cared about Kitten/Celia/Sofia, he would not like.

Overall, this book is an emotional roller coaster but not in a good way. The author went slightly overboard with the emotions. There were times that I wanted to grab Kitten/Celia/Sofia and shake her. There also seemed no real resolution to the question as to what will Kitten/Celia/Sofia do. The book seemed to end in the same place it began Kitten/Celia/Sofia confused as what to do. I hope that in the future books Kitten/Celia/Sofia is not a needy, whiny and grows a spine. I am hooked for better or worse I will be reading finishing the series. I just hope that it gets better from here on out.

Book Blurb for Sacred Revelations

Can one woman serve two masters?

Celia Brentwood meets Garrett Lawrence at a time of change. Not knowing what to expect from this man who has suddenly become her Master, she submits to him and discovers how pleasure and pain combine to create euphoria. Garrett then introduces her to the care of Lord Fyre, a man who sees into her heart and understands her darkness. Leaving her master to be under the three-month tutelage of Lord Fyre proves harder than she’d imagined, but the greater difficulty is returning to Garrett. She’s a different woman than the one who left him. Celia struggles with powerful emotions for each. Both men have dominated her body. Only she knows who will get her heart.

Inside Scoop: This book contains hot, sexy scenes of m/m interaction and ménage, and references to rape, although no rape scenes are depicted.

*EXOTIKA™ stories focus on a sexual journey or adventure. Although they may contain a romance, they do not have to include that as the primary focus; the relationship does not need to be monogamous or end with commitment. Publisher’s Note: This title was previously published elsewhere in 2010, and has been revised for Ellora’s Cave.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 3.00