Pleasing the Doctor

Alice has been divorced for a year and has not had any sexy. After Damien rescues her from another bad blind date she decides to have a one night stand with him. Damien offers her a way to explore all the deep desires without any worry but Damien has just moved to town and did not correct Alice at first. He is set to convince Alice to try a real relationship between them.

Alice is a nice and sweet woman who is on another bad date. Alice is at a cross roads in her life. She is young and wants kids but thinks it’s too late to find the perfect man. While she seems over her ex-husband the effects of her divorce still haunt her. She decides to be daring and have a one night stand with Damien.

Damien is a hot and sexy man. He rescues Alice is a way that insured the bad date would not call ever again and managed to score a date with her as well. Damien is also a Dom who sees the sub beneath Alice and wants her to play with him.

The chemistry between Damien and Alice is blistering hot. The sex scenes are scorching hot. I loved that Alice stepped outside her comfort zone and play with Damien. What I loved more was that in the end Alice had to face her fears.

Overall, this is one hot and sexy book. I had trouble putting this book down while reading this book. At 87 pages, it was a great read. I found this story to be well written with intriguing characters that were realistic as well. I would love to see these characters in the future.

Book Blurb for Pleasing the Doctor

It’s been a year since Alice’s divorce—and since her lady parts have gotten any up-close-and-personal action from anyone other than herself. When she meets Damien and he invites her back to his hotel room, she decides to be wild and brave for a change. After all, it’s just one night. His card says he’s an out-of-town doctor—it’s the perfect chance for her to explore some of her deepest desires without having to worry about after-sex embarrassment.

Except…Damien isn’t an out-of-towner at all. He’s just moved to the area and knows, as soon as he sees Alice, that he can give her the kind of pleasure she secretly craves. The kind of pleasure that comes from a good spanking and some leather bindings. Convincing Alice to give in to her cravings isn’t a problem—convincing her to stay once the sun comes up is the real challenge.

Inside Scoop: The heroine explores her naughty-but-nice side in this romance with BDSM elements.

A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 4.50