‘Oliver’ is the fourth book in the Maneater series by Caitlyn Willows. The Maneater series is a series of books that have interconnected characters but each book is a stand-alone novel. I love that!

Merideth is broken and half-alive after a traumatic experience. She has been a recluse only coming out rarely. Lucas gets wind of it first and visits Merideth. At her request, he brings her to Oliver.

I loved the chemistry between Merideth, Oliver, and Lucas. It is obvious from the beginning that they care about each other even though they went different ways after they parted company years ago. The sex was hot but very vanilla considering the heavy BDSM theme. I did not expect that. I was hoping for more.

The author did a great job of drawing you into the story from the beginning and did not let you go until the end. This book is a roller coaster of emotions as Merideth grows and faces her fears. The only grip I do have is the name of the title of the book. It gives you the impression that the book is about Oliver when in reality it’s about all three characters. Overall, this was a great addition to the series.

Book Blurb for Oliver

The last persons Oliver ever wanted to see were Merideth and Lucas. How fitting they've come crawling to him for help. It's the perfect opportunity to extract a little payback and toss their scattered hearts back in their faces as they did him. Yet, one look at his broken Merideth elicits more sympathy than he can bear.

Lucas had forgotten how much he enjoyed being in Oliver's orbit. Yes, he'd come to him to help Merideth heal emotional scars, but now he's determined to re-establish ties with Oliver. This is where he intends to stay…if Oliver doesn't throw him out first.

Merideth needs them more than life itself. Only they can help her recover from an attack that left her physically and emotionally scarred. It'd be so easy to lean on them and let them take full control…and never find her true self again. Only she can unleash her inner Domme and punish those who prey on others. Then will she finally be a woman to match the men she loves.

They burn hot together just as they had before. Each older and wiser than before, strong wills tempered by maturity. Old habits though…and there can only be one true Master.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 4.50