No Shame

Paul goes to a BDSM club to meet someone and satisfy his curiosity. He is interested in being spanked. He thinks that something is wrong with him for feeling this way and it is truly scared.

Kade is a Dom and is careful in how he approaches Paul, so he does not scare him away. This makes Paul want to try what Kade suggests more and more. Kade has a calming influence on Paul.

The chemistry between Kade and Paul is explosive. The sex scenes were hot and spicy. I loved how Kade pushed Paul’s boundaries without going too far. He also wanted a relationship with Paul.

Overall, at 46 pages this is a quick sizzling story. I hope that this turns into a series. I would love to see how Paul does as he progresses into the kinky world.

Book Blurb for No Shame

Paul's never told anyone about his fantasies of being spanked and flogged. Hell, he can barely admit it to himself. But a lifetime of denial has left him aching and unfulfilled. After a bad breakup leaves him single again for the first time in years, he decides to shed his cautious nature for one night and visit a BDSM club, where he meets Kade -- a sensual, experienced man who offers to fulfill his every hidden desire. But Paul soon realizes that he might be in over his head...

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 4.50