No Easy Way Out

Ruthanne works in public relations and has just landed the biggest account at the office. She has her hands full dealing with Daniel. He blurs the lines between what is acceptable. He gradually breaks down her walls and keeps doing more extreme things until she is sure she needs to end it. However, she is not sure how.

Ruthanne is a complex woman who is confident and capable at work but a submissive at home. Ruthanne learns a lot about herself as she carries on these escapades with him. Ruthanne also comes across as smart because the manner in which she ends the relationship means she has the upper hand rather than him.

Daniel treats Ruthanne more like an object than a Dom. It’s apparent that this is not the first time he has done this and it will not be the last, either. You don’t get to know Daniel very much beyond that he is rich and powerful however, you really don’t need to know much.

There is really no chemistry between Daniel and Ruthanne. Ruthanne responds to the commanding presence Daniel had. She is well aware they have no future and her heart does not get involved. While the sex scenes were blistering, without the parties loving or at least caring for each other it leaves something lacking.

This book is very well-written. The main and secondary characters were realistic and interesting. I wonder how many people Daniel has done this to and if Ruthanne is the first to stand up to him and not lose her job or career. In addition, I wonder if Daniel will find whatever he is searching for. Overall this was a good story.

Book Blurb for No Easy Way Out

When Ruthanne meets Daniel, he opens her eyes to a new world of power games—and he’s always the boss. A blowjob in her office? Making love in a limo? All in a day’s work.

But what Ruthanne doesn’t realize is that Daniel’s desires include more than she can handle—multiple partners, sexual sadism and enormous dildos are on his wish list. She knows she has to finish things before he makes her do something she will really regret. But her life is so entangled with his that there’s no easy way to extricate herself.

Then she meets Ed, whose surveillance equipment seems to provide an answer. But to be free of Daniel, she has to submit to the worst humiliation yet. Will it prove to be worth it?

Inside Scoop: Ruthanne’s sexual journey contains many darker BDSM elements. Some of the situations and scenes may be disturbing to some readers. It is not for the faint of heart.

An Exotika® contemporary BDSM erotica story from Ellora’s Cave

*EXOTIKA™ stories focus on a sexual journey or adventure. Although they may contain a romance, they do not have to include that as the primary focus; the relationship does not need to be monogamous or end with commitment.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 4.50