Lifting Tail for the Alpha

Xavier is a bobcat in a wolf pack. If that does not make him an outsider, then being gay on top of that does. Even though he grew up with the pack, he still has feelings of not belonging. Additionally, he is attracted to the future Alpha of the pack, Arsen, who Xavier is sure is straight as they get.

Arsen has a lot on his plate, and on the top of his list of problems is being mated to a female he does not particularly like. The one thing he has not told anyone is he is attracted to a certain bobcat shifter who does not come anywhere near him, always keeping to himself. However, Arsen comes across as a hot and sexy man who will do whatever he needs to in order to have what he wants.

The chemistry between Arsen and Xavier is blistering. The sex scenes are scorching. Arsen is bound and determined to make sure everything between him and Xavier is good and, to get the pack to recognize that they are mates.

I found this story to be well-written with engaging and interesting characters. At 33 pages, this story draws you in and does not let you go. It also does not have the shorty story feel because it has a clearly defined beginning, middle and end. Overall, this was one HOT book. It will keep you warm on a cold winter night.

Book Blurb for Lifting Tail for the Alpha

Being a bobcat shifter in a pack full of wolves, and gay on top of that, made Xavier feel as though he doesn't belong. To make matters worse he wants the future alpha of the pack, Arsen. But Arsen is arranged to marry a female wolf. Xav didn't think Arsen was gay, but that all changes when they find each other alone, and realize they are mates.

Arsen is next in line to lead his pack, and is supposed to be mated to a female, but only desires Xav, the bobcat shifter that keeps to himself. One night at a party feral cravings ignite in both of them. Arsen realizes Xavier is his, and will not let anyone or anything stand in his way of claiming him. But not everyone is happy with the future alpha being mated to a bobcat, or a male at that.

Be Warned: m/m sex, spanking, rimming, knotting

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 4.50