Kink It Up

Ball & Chain

‘Kink It Up’ by M. A. Ellis is part of the ball and chain series. For Kelsey and Smith life has gotten in the way of romance. Kelsey confronts Smith. She has the perfect solution kink it up. Smith contacts a local Dom to help tutor him. While Kelsey tries to spice it up a different way, she decides to get a third person.

This is a short story, just about 80 pages, that reinforces the concept of communication. Kelsey and Smith need to communicate with each other. I loved the message of the story is that partners need to communicate with each other more. I loved how the author showed the story from both Kelsey and Smith’s point of view.

I loved the chemistry and the trust between Kelsey and Smith. There was such truth in the story. I loved the ending it was perfect. Overall, this was an enjoyable story was a wonderful message.

Book Blurb for Kink It Up

Kelsey and Smith have allowed life to get in the way of romance. Later-in-life career changes for her, more work responsibilities for him and staggered work hours for both are taking their toll. When the disconnect becomes too much, headstrong Kelsey confronts her husband with the perfect solution: kink it up.

Smith quickly learns his wife isn’t talking silk scarves and spankings. She’s thinking more in the line of wrist cuffs and nipple clamps. No matter her fantasy, he wants it to be perfect for her. And if that means an in-home tutorial with his old friend—and local Dom—he’s up for the challenge.

Never one to drag her feet, Kelsey makes her own plans to spice things up, only to find them derailed in the hottest way, yawning awake one minute and bound to her vintage ottoman the next. But when the smoldering heat clears from their light foray into bondage, will Smith and Kelsey regain their intimacy or will the kink factor form a rift they aren’t likely to overcome?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 4.00