Just Friends

Leah, Chase, and Mitch have been best friends since they were young children. While Leah has feelings for Chase and Mitch the thought of losing them stops her from pursuing them. Then one night everything changes and Leah can’t remember any of it.

I really liked the premise of the story. But as I read the story I was left expecting something more. There was not a strong D/S theme that I have come to expect with Sam Crescent. I respected Mitch and Chase for keeping the secret they did from Leah. To Mitch it did not matter and in the end that’s all that matters.

The one thing that puzzled me was Leah and Chase’s parent’s reactions, at first they were normal. Their children were taking a hard road in life. To me it was understandable. What through me was their swift change of tune just hours later? I understood Mitch’s fathers reaction because it was evident that he saw it coming.

The chemistry between Leah, Chase, and Mitch is off the charts. They are a good match in and out of the bedroom. They can communicate very well together. I loved how Mitch and Chase, no matter how much Leah tried to push them away, they resisted and did what was best for Leah.

Overall, this was a sweet short story. This goes in the small pile that I will re-read in the future. I found it hard to believe that it was only 91 pages. It felt like a much longer story. I hope we get to see more from these characters, like when their children fall in love.

Book Blurb for Just Friends

They’d been friends throughout childhood but could they be lovers?

Leah, Chase, and Mitch were the best of friends since they were young children. Nothing and no one could tear them apart. Leah knows she is in love with her two friends. She never acted on it though for fear of destroying their friendship.

When they were younger, Chase and Mitch fought over who would have Leah. They agreed they would never make her choose between them.

One night after too many cocktails, Leah wakes up naked in bed with Mitch. The commotion brings Chase to the bedroom. She has slept with both of her friends, the only problem is....she can’t remember any of it.

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), spanking

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 4.50