Jack's Back

Indiscreet series, #2

‘Jack’s Back’ is the second book in the Indiscreet series by A. C. Katt. While this story is part of a series, it could be read as a standalone without any problems. Jim Menetti was Reed Davis’s sub until someone from Reed’s past comes back into Reed’s life. Jim makes a new life for himself even beginning to date. Then Reed changes his mind.

I loved the premise of the story. I did find that the beginning went too quickly and too much of a summery. The rest of the story went at a great pace. I expected more BDSM in this book then there was, which was none.

Jim is a wonderful strong character than what is first portrayed in the beginning of the story. Jim can take care of himself. I loved that he did not fit in the typical sub roll you see in so many stories. Reed is a character that in the beginning of the story you do not really like. I warmed up to him as the story went on but not very much. Caleb is a character that from start seemed too slick and practiced. I had a hard time seeing what Jim saw in him.

Jim and Reed have a lot of chemistry together, while Caleb and Jim do not. I will say that it was excessively syrupy toward the end. I love a good romance but this story was not really realistic in the least.

Book Blurb for Jack's Back

Jim Menetti was Reed Davis's sub until Reed's old flame Jack came back. Jim picks himself up and makes a life for himself apart from his job at Indiscrete. He even begins to date but then Reed changes his mind.

Jim Menetti had a life at Indiscrete, the Gay BDSM club owned by Bear Drummond and Reed Davis. His life revolves around Reed, his Master, and his position as manager of the Club. On Jim and Reed's third anniversary, Jack Leary, Reed's on and off flame comes back and Jim's relationship with Reed unravels. Jim picks himself up and makes a life for himself apart from his job, he buys a home, makes it a cozy retreat and gets a cat he names Waltzing Matilda. He even has a new love interest, the mysterious Professor Caleb Brickner, an expert in the Spainish Inquisition and medieval torture. Then, Reed changes his mind.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2013 3.50