His Demands

Dirty Little Secrets

‘His Demands’ is the third book in the Dirty Little Secrets series by Cassandre Dayne. Kaela was not fond of an egotistical man who displayed his wealth while others suffered around him. Broden one of the sexiest men she has ever seen was also powerful, and opinioned. At a party, she takes him down a notch. Broden not one leave things alone, issues several demands to Kaela, either resign or be his submissive for a week. Kaela agrees.

Kaela was a unique character. In the beginning of the story, she was very confident and authoritative all wrapped up in one. I had a hard time seeing her as a slave or even a sub in the end. Especially after, she went after Broden and seduced him at the party. It did not fit.

The chemistry between Kaela and Broden is off the charts, but I and not sure she even liked him as a person the first half of the book. Kaela was attracted to Broden. The sex was explosive between Kaela and Broden.

The book had a very slow start and once the book got going, it ended way too fast. In addition, the characters did not have enough background information to make the characters fully formed.


Kaela at the end of the story opened up about her past. It came out of nowhere. There were not hints or indications to make her issues believable in the least. In the end, it made her transition from confident and authoritative women to a slave hard to believe.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this story. I hope to see more of Kaela and Broden in the future. This story is a great summer read. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

Book Blurb for His Demands

If there was anything Kaela Bryson hated, it was an arrogant man, one who enjoyed flaunting his wealth while others suffered. Her boss was just such a man. Broden MacGruder was powerful, opinionated and unfortunately one of the sexiest men she’d ever laid eyes on. His Scottish accent alone was enough to drive her wild, but she wanted nothing more than to take him down a notch or two. When an invitation arrived for a very swanky costume party at his secluded mansion, she knew exactly what she was going to do – seduce him. No woman ever had. To her credit, the nefarious plan worked.

Broden had the hots for the sexy woman since he’d arrived in the States to take over the firm. After sharing a night of passion, he longed for more, but knew she’d only been playing a game. Seduction was his forte and he never lost in business. Or love. Taking matters into his own hands, he issued a series of demands or share their night of passion with others, thereby requiring her resignation. His choice? She was to become his complete submissive for a solid week. With no other choice, Kaela reluctantly agreed. What nether expected was the intensity of their passion or the secrets that surfaced, threatening to destroy them both. Would his demands be their ultimate demise?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 3.50