Her Cowboy Doms

Pleasure Texas, #1

Georgia Fox works as a police officer in Atlanta, Georgia. She works hard to be respected as an officer on the force but seems upset by the good ol’boy attitude. She is attracted to both Paul and Destin after meeting them on a traffic stop. The one meeting this trio had seemed enough for Georgia to seek out the brother’s months later when she is forced to take a vacation.

Paul and Destin Casing are brothers who work together and play together. They work on a ranch that also has a kink club on the grounds. Paul and Destin are dom’s and think that Georgia would complete them very well. I did find it hard to get and individual take on each brother because they did a lot together.

The chemistry between Paul, Destin, and Georgia is explosive. The sex scenes were blistering. The combination of the chemistry between the trio and the one taste they gave Georgia in the cab was enough for Georgia to seek them out months later when she was at her wits end.

Her Cowboy Doms is the first book in the Pleasure, Texas series by Jane Jamison. I found this book well written with appealing and fascinating characters. I want to know what happens next with Georgia, Paul and Destin so I hope in the next book in the series we will find out more about trio. Overall, this was a good book.

Book Blurb for Her Cowboy Doms

Policewoman Georgia Fox, plagued with guilt by her failure to find the murderer of an innocent family, is forced to take a vacation from duty. After meeting sexy Paul and Destin Casing, she decides to use her time off to fulfil her fantasies with the two commanding cowboys. When Georgia shows up in their small town of Pleasure, Texas, the Casing brothers recognize she's the sub they want. Getting her to realize she's a submissive is hard enough, but freeing her of her guilt is even harder. The killer has to know if she can identify him. He shows up at the ranch's BDSM club to find out. When Georgia disappears, the men are ready to search heaven and earth to find her. Will they be able to? Will she have suffered more than she can bear? Will her guilt keep her trapped, unable to set herself free to accept them as her Doms?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 4.00