Gilded Lily

Adam’s sexual preferences have left him frustrated and alone. His only company is the photo in his wallet that his brother sent him. His brother’s premature death leads him to finally meeting Lily. Lily is a submissive without a Dom. She has had a tough time finding the “right” Dom. Tony, Lily’s trainer, sees the chemistry between Adam and Lily and does his best to pair them up.

Lily has had a rough life. Her fiancée made her get therapy for their sexual needs then left her. She is a true submissive who enjoys seeing some of the more extreme things in life. She loves being whipped and watching two men together. Lily met Tony at a lecture. He in turned helped straighten her out and begins to help her accept her own needs.

Adam is lost after the death of his brother. He meets Lily at Nicolas’s funeral, he is exhausted from countless trips overseas, taking pictures of war torn countries. He decides to stay at his brother’s house on Lily’s property as a way to get to know Lily better and relax. Adam is strong and adaptable Dom. He uses whatever he can to get to know lily better and form a relationship with her. I loved that he considered her needs as the story went on.

The chemistry between Adam and Lily is blistering hot. The sex scenes with Lily and Adam were sizzling hot. The sex scenes with Renee and Lily were equally hot but seemed to be missing the chemistry she had with Adam. Tony and Lily’s sex scenes were hot and spicy but lacked chemistry.

I loved this book! I have read this author before but I am keeping my eye out for her in the future now. While this book is not part of a series (yet) I hope we get to see what happens to Tony in the future. He was not happy at the end of the book and I wonder what’s in store for him in the future?

Book Blurb for Gilded Lily

Genre: BDSM; Menage & Polyamory, Contemporary

Adam's ferocious sexual appetite for submission has left him frustrated and alone. He turns to the photo in his wallet. The woman's full lips smile with laughter. The yellow sundress hugs her soft curves. The beautiful muse. His elusive flower.

Lily has a dark secret. A submissive without a Dominant, her life had derailed with grief, solitude, and rejection. Until a mysterious stranger's erotic education led to unfathomable pleasure.

Tony knew Lily's training would be his last attempt to escape the void in his life. An experienced Dom with the very nature of his control shaken, he has to run. There's one last responsibility to take care of before he can leave. Lily, his once timid sub, is testing her boundaries and craves more. A love he can never give.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.50