Fighting for Desire

I found this book well written with an interesting plot. The main characters and secondary characters were riveting and fascinating. This book keeps you on your toes and just when you think you have the ending figured out the author throws you for another loop. Overall, this was an excellent book.

Devlin “Dev” James is MMA champion that is training for his next fight. He has looked for his high school sweetheart for a while and now weeks before his fight finally gets a lead. Dev while he does not understand how she has ended up where she is still wants to help her. Also, he wants put the ghosts of the past to rest.

Shannon works two jobs just to survive. She is in debt to her eyeballs but has a heart of gold. She is in love with Dev but does not want to see him. She is a very complex woman. While I don’t begin to understand why she does not level with Dev right from the beginning she has her reasons that seemed to be mostly based on fear.

The connection between Dev and Shannon is blistering. It’s apparent that secrets and anger have affected their relationship when they see each other again. The beginning makes me think that Dev has looked for Shannon for a while. While hurt feelings and distrust plague them, it does not keep them away from each other. The sex scenes were scorching.

Book Blurb for Fighting for Desire

Weeks before his biggest fight, an MMA champion runs into the woman who broke his heart eight years ago. Now she has one month to convince him to trust her and forgive her, even if it means letting him find out everything he thought he knew about her was wrong.

Inside Scoop: Shannon’s old high-school sweetheart, Dev, gives a whole new meaning to the term “submission wrestling” when he brings out the shackles and chains for a little BDSM fun.

A Romantica® contemporary erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2014 5.00