Falling for Trouble

Sophia Kidd had known Abe Rochester since they were children. They are best friends and Sophia is in love with Abe. But she thinks he only thinks of her as a sister. So she does not pursue those feelings until one night when they have sex. She thinks everything will change until the next morning. Abe has no memory of whom he had sex with and does not understand why Sophia is pulling away from him.

Sophia is a smart and strong woman. She loved Abe but is not willing to be one of the masses of women that pursue him. She wants Abe to recognize her as something other than a friend. I cannot imagine having sex with someone that you love and the next day they don’t even remember it. How that broke her heart.

Abe drinks too much, and sleeps with almost anyone. Sophia is always there the next day to help him with his hangover and make him breakfast. When she begins to pull away, he realizes how much he loves her. Once he finds out Sophia’s bombshell, if she is right, he has to straighten up quick.

The chemistry between Sophia and Abe is explosive. They were great friends before anything sexual happened between them. I think Abe has not looked for anything permanent because he had Sophia until she began to pull away. The sex scenes between Sophia and Abe was hot and steamy.

I am not a fan of short stories, but I loved this story! Overall, this was a wonderful story. I hope to see more from these characters and this author in the future.

Book Blurb for Falling for Trouble

Sophia Kidd has been in love with her best friend Abe Rochester since they were children. With both of their pasts scarred, the only people they can rely on are each other. Unfortunately, Abe has never shown interest in her as more than just a friend.

Known as Trouble in their town, Abe enjoys women, bar brawls, and liquor—and not in that particular order. When one night of drinking results in Sophia and Abe in bed together, she finally has hopes that the man she loves returns her feelings. But when dawn arrives and Abe has no recollection of their passion, humiliation has Sophia fleeing.

She can't run forever though, especially when she finds out she is pregnant. Sophia has no idea how to tell Abe that he is the father when he doesn't even remember sleeping with her.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 5.00