Dom Next Door

Tristy lives next door to a hot and sexy man who happens to be one of her good friends. Her problem is that he stars in her fantasies every night. Tristy wants more from their friendship. Now if she can only get Grant to cooperate.

Grant is a cop who is also a Dom and while he lusts after his neighbor, he knows she is unfamiliar with the BDSM lifestyle. Therefore, he tries his best to keep everything platonic between them. My biggest issue with Grant is he runs from Tristy rather than even attempting anything between them.

The connection between Grant and Tristy is blistering. While this book only has 61 pages, it has a well-defined beginning, middle, and ending. I found this book well-written with interesting and realistic characters. I have read several books by Ms. Gabriel and each book is better than the last. Overall, this was a wonderful read.

Book Blurb for Dom Next Door

Tristy’s neighbor Grant is every woman’s dream. He’s handsome, sexy and a hero cop. They are pals, though she thinks he might want more. But Grant is a Dom and Tristy has no experience in the BDSM lifestyle. It scares her. She would never allow a man to control her. It’s just that he’s so damn hot and hard to resist.

Tristy shows up at Grant’s apartment and starts pushing his sexual buttons big-time. Their chemistry is explosive. He decides to take her to bed, tie her, blindfold her and show her what he can do to her body—just the barest introduction to his dominant nature. But Tristy finds her submissive soul and all bets are off.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.00