Bound & Inked

Janna Sommers has always wanted a tattoo. For someone who is afraid of needles this is a big wish. She wants a full sleeve tattoo in black and gray. She researched which tattoo place to go to and settled on Mark Temple. Janna is a strong woman who embraces her needs.

Mark Temple is a hot and sexy man who is also a Dom and he is the owner of a local tattoo shop, a gifted tattoo artist. The more time Mark spends with Janna, the more he pushes at her comfort zone and comes to crave her and her submission.

The chemistry between Mark and Janna is blistering. I loved how he was able to control her and stay within her comfort zone. The sex scenes are steaming hot. I would love to see these characters as they embark on a relationship.

This is one hot story! This book is very well written. The author does a wonderful job of showing the heat and chemistry between the two characters. While this book only has 57 pages, it has a well defined beginning, middle, and end. I hope we get to see these two characters again in the future. Overall, this was a terrific story.

Book Blurb for Bound & Inked

Janna Sommers is a brave woman who knows just what she wants: a tattoo -- a full sleeve black and grey tattoo, to be specific. It's an ambitious goal for anyone's first ink, but when she meets handsome and gifted tattoo artist Mark Temple, she finds herself yearning for something more than one of his original designs.

As she willingly places herself in Mark's experienced -- if sometimes cruel -- hands, she finds herself submitting to a strong and uniquely creative dominant, one who arouses intense physical sensations in her -- both pleasure and pain.

Bound to his tattoo table, will she also allow herself to be used as a living canvas for Mark's ... darker desires? Will she allow herself to be marked, indelibly and forever, as his? 

Publisher's Note: This is an erotic romance novella depicting consenting adults engaging in tattooing, piercing, extensive BDSM content, bondage, sexual scenes including anal, and more. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

[Please note: This novella was previously published as Marked for Submission. Please be aware that this is the same story, but also features a few brand-new chapters and other new material, a new cover, and a new title. The book has also been completely re-edited to provide you with a more satisfying reading experience.]

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 5.00