Bared To Him

Gray Wagner is a tentacle shifter who is in love with Miranda. His biggest problem is he also cares for Miranda’s father and does not want to cross that line with her because of her father. Gray is a custom boat maker who is contracted to finish a boat on a short timeline and is tasked to keep Miranda safe on a weeklong voyage.

Miranda Bolton is a tentacle shifter who has not shifted yet. The age span that females shift is anywhere from eighteen to thirty so it could happen at any time. Miranda is smart because she is well aware that she might shift and is well versed about what can happened. She seems at ease with her life and while she loves Gray, he also frustrated her as well.

The connection between Miranda and Gray is intense. They each spend a lot of time fighting the attraction growing between them. They are both very strong willed and unwilling to bend to each other until it’s almost too late. The sex scenes were scorching.

Bared to Him is the sequel to Passionate Ink by Jan Springer. This book can be read as a standalone novel with ease. I found this book well written with an attention-grabbing plot. While shifter novels are plentiful, this book uses an animal that is normally associated with shifters. The ending is set in a way that leaves you wondering about the future and how they will cope. The main characters and the secondary characters were charming. At 66 pages, this book has a well-defined beginning, middle, and end. Overall, I loved this book.

Book Blurb for Bared To Him

A Tentacles Shape Shifter Erotic Romance

Human by day, and a tentacle shape shifter by night, Gray Wagner, is the last male that Miranda Bolton dreams of falling in love with. He’s an irritating, arrogant male who teases her to no end. Due to her ancestry, Miranda knows she has a good chance at becoming a shifter just like Gray. Alone with him, travelling the high seas on a yacht, she unexpectedly can’t stop fantasizing about him. Suddenly Gray becomes the only male she wants to mate with, and she’s going to make sure she gets what she wants…

Alaskan custom boat maker, Gray Wagner, promised Miranda’s dad that he would keep his daughter safe during their weeklong ocean voyage to attend a mutual friend’s wedding in California, but Miranda’s succulent scent is driving Gray to distraction. He knows he shouldn’t be thinking about doing all the dirty and delicious things he wants to do to her, but all his promises to Miranda’s father disintegrate when Miranda shifts and Gray goes primal…

Sequel to "Passionate Ink" (Ellora's Cave) by Jan Springer

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2014 4.00