Backstage Pass

Kyle gets the job as a personal assistant Damon Black, a rock star. Damon just happens to be gay like Kyle and Kyle just happens to look like Damon’s usual type of groupie. The type he indulges in. Kyle is not really surprised by Damon’s actions and seems to crave it.

I found this book very well written, but it comes across as more of a first chapter than a short story. The chemistry between Kyle and Damon is blistering to the point I can see these two spending a lot of time together. I really hope we get to see these two again in the future. Overall, this was one hot short story.

Book Blurb for Backstage Pass

On Kyle's first day as a personal assistant to charismatic gay rock star Damon Black, the singer assumes Kyle is just another groupie, picked out of the crowd for sex. Damon has an eye for hot blond guys, and Kyle certainly fits the bill.

Before he knows it, Kyle finds himself on his knees in the rock star's dressing room. Is he willing to do whatever it takes to please his new boss?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.50