Artist's Touch

Gallant Gentlemen's Guild #1

Kenon Alavi is a master painter who is so good that everyone is clamoring for him to do there portrait. He seems to have women throwing themselves at him however, Kenon is gay. The boyfriends capture his attention more than the women who throw themselves at him. Kenon is under the impression that what he wants he gets and when he spots Wally, Kenon expects Wally to fall in line along everyone else.

Wallace “Wally” Harte is a bartender. While he has a degree it’s not doing him much good. He had writer’s block until he meets Kenon who inspires him to write again. Wally starts writing a romance novel. Wally also does not seem to understand Kenon’s attraction to him.

The connection between Wallace and Kenon is intense. The attraction between them increases the more time they spend together. It’s so surprising about how well they not only get along but the powerful chemistry between them. It takes a while for these two figure out everything. I found this every realistic how it was not easy or quick. The sex scenes were scorching.

Artist’s Touch is the first book in the Guild series by Kerry Adrienne. I found this book well written with a fascinating plot. The ending is a bit predictable but it was interesting to see Kenon and Wallace come together. The main characters and the secondary characters were captivating. Overall, I loved this book. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.

Book Blurb for Artist's Touch

Every starlet wants master painter Kenon Alavi to do her portrait…and more. But Kenon prefers firm to soft and sates his desires with the boyfriends of the women he paints, enjoying the diversity of many lovers but shunning any attachments.

Wallace Harte’s English degree isn’t helping him find a job and working at a bar is the closest he’s gotten to being the Second Coming of Faulkner. Something’s gotta give soon or he’ll be out on the street.

Kenon zeroes in on the bartender at an art exhibition, intending to add him to his long list of conquests, but Wally bolts, initiating a heated game of cat and mouse. Kenon delights in the game until he discovers what Wally is writing. Feeling betrayed, Kenon swears off all entanglements until he reads Wally’s story and discovers true love is sometimes between the pages and not the sheets.

Inside Scoop: This book contains hot, sexy scenes of M/M interaction of an artistic nature. Who knew having your portrait painted could be so hot?

A Romantica® gay erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2014 4.00