A Firm Hand

Bound to You, #2

‘A Firm Hand’ is the second book in the Bound to You series by Fallon Blake. This book can be read as a standalone even though its part of a series. Brian does not want to let anyone in especially a sub, but his growing lust for a certain bartender is hard to ignore especially when she is snooping through his files. Gen Hawthorn life is a mess. She cannot get to work on time, keep a boyfriend, and has to deal with her mother’s problems. The one thing that Brian wants her to do is not fall in love with him. Can she really stick to that rule?

Brian has become his own person in spite of his father’s insistence on learning the family business. He wants his father to respect him for what he has accomplished. Brian while rich does not live off his money but tries to work for a living. He is also a Dom who likes to be in control during his play time as well.

Gen life is a mess. She is a talented artist but has not pursued a career in it. She is very unsure of how talented she is. She seems to use her attitude to protect herself from others around her. She tries almost desperately to keep her personal life away from her family life except for a small few people. All she wants is for someone to protect and love her.

The chemistry between Gen and Brian is blistering hot. The sex is explosive. While the sex can be extreme at times, nothing is done that neither party consent to. However, like life this romance goes on a long rocky road. Neither character is perfect. They have their flaws and that makes them very realistic and the story very realistic as well.

Overall, this is a wonderful and engrossing story. I read this in one sitting. While I have not read anything by this author before I am now going to be looking up what else she has published. I defiantly want to read the other books in this series.

Book Blurb for A Firm Hand

Book two in the Bound to You series. Can be read as a stand-alone.

After a painful past, Brian Donovan can't afford to get close to anyone, especially a submissive. His growing lust for a certain mouthy bartender has been easy to keep under wraps, at least until he catches her snooping through his files. Spanking her senseless is not one of his better ideas. Even worse, he entices her into a relationship based on power exchange--no sappy sentiments, no messy emotional entanglements, strictly dominance and submission. He doesn't count on Genevieve being the one submissive who makes him want to feel again.

Gen Hawthorn's life is a mess. She's always late for work, can't keep a boyfriend and has a closetful of family secrets. When her gorgeous boss offers her a kinky no-strings arrangement, she can't say no. Being dominated by the star of all her dirty fantasies sounds like what she needs. She just has to remember his most important rule--don't fall in love.

A Romantica® BDSM erotic romance from Ellora's Cave

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 5.00