The Wrong Suitor

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The Wrong Suitor

This is an enjoyable and hot erotic short story.

Cowboy James shows up with an offer of marriage from his employer, Mr. Riley, but fiery Ellen isn’t going to accept a proposal from a man who can’t even make the effort to make the offer in person. When Ellen discovers that the sudden flood of suitors was caused by her father offering $1000.00 to the man she eventually says yes to, sparks really fly. Ellen announces that she’s accepted the proposal of a slick and shady gambler, her plan backfires. Her father announces that she is going to marry Mr. Riley, and she and James will be leaving in the morning. Determined to head back East, rather than be some dumb cowboy’s brood mare, popping out a kid every year, she tries to sneak away after everyone is asleep. James, however, anticipated that move, and was already waiting for her in the stables. They head out, but Ellen is determined to escape the first chance she gets. When the escape plan fails, she then tries to seduce him, knowing that it’s going to take 3 days to get to Mr. Riley’s ranch.

Book Blurb for The Wrong Suitor

When Rancher Irving tries to attract a suitable husband for his gun-shy daughter Ellen by offering a large amount of money, she takes things into her own hands and plans to run away. But a cowboy thwarts her plan and kidnaps her instead.

James isn't a cowboy, he's a rancher in need of a wife. And when he rescues Ellen from her own ill-conceived plan to escape, he takes her on a passionate and erotic journey trying to teach her that a husband does have his uses.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 3.75