The Other Kind

Progeny of Evolution, #1

This is a very different take on the usual vampire and werewolf story, quite unique. Vampires thought werewolves were a myth until Jim met Samantha, and werewolves thought vampires were a myth, until Samantha met Jim. Each tried to make the other their 'prey', and were very shocked to find out what the other was. Since there was no need to hide their true natures from each other, they thought they'd start hunting together. Their first victim proved that that wasn't an option. They ended up falling in love with each other. Each of the Others thought they were infertile, since vampires and werewolves couldn't have children with humans, nor could they reproduce with the same Other couple. It wasn't until Sam became pregnant that they thought maybe it took a vampire and a werewolf pairing to be fertile.

I can't wait for more in this series. The story is so unique and refreshing, it'll be a must read for me.

Book Blurb for The Other Kind

Take the journey of a lifetime beginning with Jim and Samantha "Sam" as their story spans 150 years, from discovering one another to the exploration of space and the colonization of Mars. "As the first vampire/lycan couple, they were a perfect fit." The Other Kind, Book 1 of the Progeny of Evolution Series Math professor Jim White, who happens to be a vampire, envisions sweet love followed by a blood feast when he stalks the petite redhead in the university library. However, the aforementioned redhead, one Samantha “Sam” Johnson, has other ideas. She’s a lycan and hunts him as he did her. After clearing up the misunderstanding, a night of love sweeps away two thousand years of mythology and mutual ignorance. The unlikely pair walks a tightrope of satisfying their unique dietary needs while dodging notice of the authorities, and seeking out others like themselves. Can love blossom and a normal life exist in such a pressure cooker or will the passions ruling these consummate predators be too much? Is a Twelve Step program the answer?

This is a rewritten edition of the first book in the Progeny of Evolution Series previously published.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 3.50