The Corporation

Progeny of Evolution, #2

The beginning is a little slow, but don’t let that stop you. The Corporation takes place about roughly six years after The Other Kind ended. Environmental concerns of today are a glaring reality, as this is set several years into the future. I’ve said that The Other Kind wasn’t your typical vampire / werewolf book, well the entire trilogy is not the typical vampire / lycan series. The events of The Corporation take place over roughly a four or five year span. Many things happen- The Others are ‘out-ed’, in a bank robbery gone wrong. Jim is thought to be dead, after his helicopter crashes in the Pyrenees Mountains, and suffers amnesia. Cynthia turns from modeling to Goodwill Ambassador. The Others are split, those wanting to stop human consumption, and those who want to cling to the old ways. There are even more Other babies, and not just Jim and Samantha’s triplets. There’s loss, deception, betrayal and longing, but despite all of that, this chapter of The Others tale ends happily for now.

If you’ve not yet read book one, The Other Kind, I highly recommend you start with that, and work your way to the third book, The Children. I bet you’ll be as delighted as I was in finding this unique and thrilling trilogy!

Book Blurb for The Corporation

Five years have passed.

Recent corporate discoveries created food supplements, allowing The Others to divorce from preying on humans. While nutritional needs are met, for some–the ferals–the addiction persists. The schism within the board on this issue has long term consequences.

During the contentious conclave, Sam and Jim find time to get married. Their conversion to Christianity and the food supplements point the way to normalcy. Life for Sam and Jim, and their thriving brood seems blissful.

Soon, a foiled bank robbery, discovery of a rogue operation at a company installation, and Jim’s fifteen month amnesiac disappearance after a helicopter crash in the Spanish Pyrenees place company and the community both in peril and in the public eye.

Now CEO of the corporation, Sam risks wealth, position, and marriage to battle the resourceful enemy.

Can the couple continue meeting the challenges of persecution and resume the effort to deepen and perfect their love?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.00