The Children

Progeny of Evolution, #3

The White children grow up, though it is discovered that they won’t be like their parents and emerge. This book covers the lives of the First Children from about age 12 to maybe their early 30’s, though there are a few hints about their later life. I also love how you further take the environmental concerns of today, and make them realities of tomorrow. $30.00 a gallon gas- wow. The political events that happen are amazing too. At first you think it’s a little funny, but when you think about the fact that it could possibly turn out that way, you’re just stunned. An outbreak of plague makes Cassie, Claire and Eddie grow up quickly.

There are several heart wrenching events that had tears flowing down my face as I read them, that I can’t mention here, as they’re spoiler’s. I just wanted to mention that and say “Wow, Mike you did a fabulous job, making it all real and believable.” The plague, the resulting economic collapse, as well as the heartbreak caused by the plague. I will definitely be buying ‘Tenth Legion’ and ‘Lagrange Point’, as I just can’t get enough of this story! I’ll be looking for your anthology of short stories about other characters too. I’m glad Sam, Jim and family refuse to go away, as their story is enthralling and addicting! I was hooked with book one and I am so glad that I was able to review books two and three as well. I haven’t been so engrossed in a series since I discovered ‘The Vampire Chronicles’ by Anne Rice or The Dragon Riders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey. I am definitely a fan!

Book Blurb for The Children

As the triplets approach puberty, a chilling reality lurks under the veneer of the White family’s idyllic life. The children are developing like humans and won’t emerge. Most disturbing of all they’ll have normal human life spans, a third of their parents’.

Cynthia Meadows appears on any list of the most beautiful women who ever lived, but she’d trade it all to have children. Her wish is granted in a sadly left-handed way while humanity experiences the greatest crisis in its history.

Will the Whites, the corporation, and The Others prevail over economic collapse and worldwide plague, or die out as their hybrid children show none of the parents’ traits? Sam’s formidable faith meets its greatest test.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.50