Star God

Several hundred years from now, people colonize the Moon and after contact with Earth is lost, people forget that ‘Moonies’ actually came from Earth. In this future, a police officer and a prostitute fall in love, after the police officer saves the prostitute from being killed by her John. There are also priests and priestesses that live and worship in the “Caves of Roddenberry’, raising a child, who will become one with the Star God, and get ‘his Hearts Desire’. I’m trying to just outline the book and not give out any spoilers, so if it sounds brief, it is- for a reason. This book was full of new and original ideas based on a few famous people or famous TV shows. I like the way Riley Ashford worked them into the book. I just wish that it had been longer and told a little about what happened after going back to Earth. I would’ve liked to have known if the Earth was indeed the dead planet it was believed to be or not. All in all though, it was a very enjoyable read.

Book Blurb for Star God

Almost dying forces prostitute Sylvianna to rethink her lifestyle, especially when John, the handsome cop who found her, decides he wants her all to himself. They've both been brought up to believe there are no happy endings on the moon colony Urba. But their intense sexual attraction forces them to admit to emotions they never expected to feel.

When Sylvie decides to go after the son taken from her eleven years ago, she tries to leave behind her lover. But John won't give up on Sylvie. Or the son she so badly wants to save.

Golden Priestess Me'la is the chosen lover of Traz Duran, guardian of the boy who will be Speaker to the Star God. One week in each other's arms is all Me'la and Traz have. Even as they're lost in a haze of sexual bliss, a tender love grows between them. Me'la has proof their religion is a lie, and she must convince the stalwart Warrior-Priest that the eleven-year-old boy he's been protecting for years is doomed to die unless they act.

Publisher Note: Star Godwas previously published elsewhere as Escape from Urba.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 3.50