Scandal Wears Satin

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Scandal Wears Satin

Scandals abound in this enthralling novel. Loretta Chase has weaved a tale that will keep you mesmerized from beginning to end. Once you start reading, you won’t be able to put it down.

Marcelline Noirot, a simple shopkeeper, has already caused a scandal by marrying the Duke of Clevedon. The Duke was set to marry the Earl of Longmore’s sister, Clara. Now her sister Sophy tries to get a look at the competition, by pretending to be a cousin of the Earl of Longmore. The Earl’s mother just happens to be the sister’s biggest enemy and refuses to wear anything made by the Noirot sister’s. While the Earl and Sophy are trying to infiltrate the rival dress maker’s shop, they realize that there is more between them than they ever thought. The Earl’s mother will not be happy if these two fall in love, the question is can they resist the pull they feel? The Earl’s sister has recently been involved in her own scandal and finds herself forced to wed someone her mother feels isn’t good enough for her.

Book Blurb for Scandal Wears Satin

A blue-eyed innocent on the outside and all shark on the inside, Sophy Noirot could sell sand to Bedouins…and, really, selling dresses to ladies of the ton is the same thing, no? But when she sets her sights on the patronage of Lady Warford (and her many acquaintances), the lady--devoted to the Noirots’ rival--won’t go anywhere near their designs. And so Sophy takes the most natural course of action: she enlists the aid of the rakish Earl of Longmore… Lady Warford’s son.

Longmore, a lover of trouble and beautiful women, can’t help but like Sophy and her ridiculous scheme: she’ll play his distant cousin in order to gain audience with his mother. In fact, proximity to the golden-haired chit makes him consider the unthinkable: marriage. But his father, the Marquess, won’t have his heir wed to a lowly dressmaker--particularly since Clara, Longmore’s sister is already being rushed to the altar in scandal.

When Sophy disappears on the road to Manchester in pursuit of thieves who stole the dress the Noirots made for Clara’s wedding, he sets off after her. She’s certain she can use her magic and bring the thieves around to her way of thinking. And Longmore’s certain he doesn’t want her in danger. As they give chase across the countryside intimacy blooms, and the rake and the shark find so much more than they were looking for…

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 3.50