Reckless Embrace

Reckless, Book Four

Reckless Embrace is the fourth book in the “Reckless” series, and continues the story of Hannah Kinkaid and her Cheyenne Warrior husband Shadow and their children as they grow up and fall in love. The story is sometimes written in the first person from Hannah’s point of view. Roughly 30 years have passed between the first book and this one. In the book, it’s 1903, and most of the Indians have been confined to reservations, all the great leader’s dead for the most part. I can feel the sadness both Hannah and Shadow feel over the defeat of all the tribes. Blackie, unlike his father and older brother Hawk, has never taken place in several rituals that were important milestones in the life of a Cheyenne warrior. He is torn between the white world and the Indian world. He mourns for experiences he knows he can never have.

Blackie Kinkaid is the half-breed son of Hannah and Shadow Kinkaid, just returned from the East, and graduated from veterinary school. Josephine ‘Joey’ McBride has her hands full trying to take care of her lazy brother and her sick grandmother, as well as working a full time job. When Joey and Blackie meet, the attraction is strong, and mutual. However there are some in town that don’t want to see Joey ‘sullied’ by the half-breed, her grandmother included. Can love truly conquer all?

Book Blurb for Reckless Embrace

Some folks said that Joey and Blackie were just two kids who should never have met—a girl from the wrong side of town and a half-breed determined to make his mark on the world. Their families had fought on opposite sides at the Little Big Horn, but in each other’s arms, Joey and Blackie find a safe haven from the world.

Blush sensuality level: This is a suggestive romance (love scenes are not graphic). (Book Length: Plus Novel)

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 4.00