Love, Remember Me

Love Remember Me is a thrilling engaging Historical romance that touches on real life events of King Henry VIII of England. Though most of the story is based on fictional characters, it also tells a fictionalized version of three of King Henry’s six wives, though it focuses the most on Anne of Cleves and Catherine Howard. I love the rich, historical details and figures, expertly mixed with the fictional lives of the characters. The court intrigues that take place are beyond belief. This puts a human touch on the long ago events that were real. Did things really happen this way? Probably not, but the rich story telling makes you hope that it did.

Nyssa Wyndham comes to the court in the household of Anne of Cleves, hoping to find a suitable husband. She serves the unfortunate Anne very well, befriending her when no one else would. What she didn’t count on were the hidden agenda’s of those looking to curry favor with the king. As a search for Henry’s next queen goes on, there are those who think she is a threat to Catherine Howard’s bid for the king’s affection, so she is quickly and quietly plotted against. Later, she is called to court by queen Catherine, as they became friends while serving Anne of Cleves. Caught up in Catherine’s web, Nyssa tries to warn her that she is in danger, but Catherine won’t listen.

Book Blurb for Love, Remember Me

Lovely Nyssa Wyndham, as fair and proud as her mother Blaze, is lady-in-waiting to Henry VIII’s fourth wife.

Scandalizing all of England, Henry has his marriage annulled, for the queen cannot meet the bawdy desires of the insatiable king. Henry seeks a spirited, lusty new wife—and eyes the beautiful Nyssa. But in a land rife with conspiracy and rebellion, there are those in secret power determined to thwart Henry’s intentions. A drugged Nyssa awakens in the arms of the notorious rake Varian de Winter. With her virtue destroyed, the outraged king orders them to wed.

Handsome—and soon smitten—Varian de Winter dares to conquer his spitfire bride. But the intrigues and dark side of the court intrude upon their brief happiness as Nyssa is trapped in a devious plot and witness to the deadly wrath of Henry Tudor. Suddenly, jealousy and revenge grow bloodthirsty, and all that Nyssa holds dear is in dire jeopardy.

Publisher’s Note: Originally published elsewhere in 1994.

Blush sensuality level: This is a sensual romance (may have explicit love scenes, but not erotic in frequency or type).

Book Length: Super Plus Novel

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 4.50