Lady Maggie's Secret Scandal

Second book in The Duke's Daughters sub-series Book 5 of the Windham series

Grace Burrowes knows her Regency Romance. Lady Maggie’s Secret Scandal is the second of a planned trilogy about The Duke of Moreland’s daughters. There has already been a trilogy on the Duke’s sons. Lady Maggie has a secret, one that could cost her father and step-mother dearly, or so she thinks. She hires Mr. Benjamin Hazlit to find a misplaced reticule. Mr. Hazlit is sure that Maggie is hiding something, and no matter what he does, he cannot get her to confide in him. He suggests, for proprieties sake, that he and Maggie pretend to be engaged. Somewhere along the way, he realizes that his feelings for her have changed. She doesn’t want to be married, afraid that she’ll lose her freedom, not to mention her secret will come out. In the end, though she realizes that maybe love is more important than propriety. The question remains though, will she take a chance on love, or let it pass her by, in order to protect her family? What happens when Mr. Hazlit reveals his own secret?

If you’ve never read one of Grace Burrowes books, I urge you to go out and get the first book, of the first trilogy, ‘The Heir’, and work your way up from book one to book six. The characters are spot on, and you’ll be transported back to Georgian England in grand style. I was so caught up in this, I read it in one day. This is definitely a book to curl up with on a quiet afternoon and enjoy, again and again.

Book Blurb for Lady Maggie's Secret Scandal

Second in a new trilogy of Regency romances by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Grace Burrowes, featuring the daughters of an intrepid duke who conspires to see them married off.

Maggie Windham is the Duke of Moreland's eldest, but illegitimate, daughter. She leads a retiring, dignified life... until stolen letters bring Maggie to investigator Benjamin Hazlit's door. When it becomes clear Maggie is being blackmailed, Benjamin becomes determined to find not just the letters, but the way to Maggie's heart.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.00