Her Alien Abductor

Aegarian Saga, #1

Her Alien Abductor is an enjoyable book by Alexandra O’Hurley.

Kaya, an Earth woman is kidnapped by Besh, an Aegarian, because he suspected she might be his mate. Besh doesn’t think it’s possible since they are from two different worlds, but better to be safe than to be sorry. She was given a teacher to help her learn the ways of the Aegarians and was asked to at least meet Besh before she decided to refuse.

While I’m not complaining about this book, I do think it could benefit from a rewrite. I think some things were shoved into this book late in its conception. A rewrite could make things fit more smoothly.

Also expanding the story couldn't hurt. Maybe expanding would help soften the scene changes that seem shoehorned in. I very much look forward to reading further Aegarian novels, as Her Alien Abductor has quite peaked my interest in Aegarian stories.

Book Blurb for Her Alien Abductor

Kaya is whisked away from everything she knows after alien soldiers abduct her. She’s thrown into a luxurious prison and has to fight to keep the line between reality and fantasy visible, especially when her traitorous body wants to give in.

Besh abducts the woman without a second thought, knowing her to be his mate. He drops her off at the nearest planet in the realm, trying to give her time to come to terms with her fate but is barred from seeing her due to their cultural rules.

Lord Fatel is charged with tutoring Kaya in the ways of their society, yet is drawn to her like a moth to a flame. He faces death if he touches her, yet thinks of nothing else.

Kaya is given one month to choose if she’ll stay in their world or break free. Only the men aren’t willing to let her go.

Be Warned: sex toys, forced seduction, public exhibition

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 3.50