Handle with Care

Ben is a diabetic who, after raising his sister Zoe, went wild and destroyed his health. Now, forced to rely on dialysis to stay alive, Zoe takes care of Ben while he awaits a kidney and pancreas transplant. Ollie is a delivery boy who Ben has taken a shine to, though he doesn’t know if Ollie feels the same about him. Why would he, he’s at least 10 years younger than Ben, and Ben has a tube in his belly due to the dialysis, and doesn’t think anyone could possibly want to be with someone like him. Josephine Myles has amazing storytelling ability. She has a knack for making you fall in love with her characters, though they may have troubled pasts. It just makes them seem more vulnerable, and makes you want to root for everything to go the right way for them at least once in their lives. It has everything a good book needs- humor, romance and lots of passion. It's so much more than just mm erotica.

Book Blurb for Handle with Care

The best things in life aren’t free…they’re freely given.

Ben Lethbridge doesn’t have many vices left. After raising his little sister to adulthood, he wasted no time making up for the youth he lost to responsible parenting. Two years of partying it up—and ignoring his diabetes—has left him tethered to a home dialysis regimen.

He can do his job from his flat, fortunately, but most of his favourite things are forbidden. Except for DVD porn…and fantasizing over Ollie, the gorgeous, purple-haired skateboarder who delivers it.

Their banter is the highlight of Ben’s lonely day, but his illness-ravaged body is the cruel reality that prevents him from believing they’ll do anything more than flirt. Not to mention the age gap. Still, Ben figures there’s no harm in sprucing himself up a bit.

Then one day, a package accidentally splits open, revealing Ben’s dirty little secret…and an unexpected connection that leaves him wondering if he’s been reading Ollie wrong all this time. There’s only one way to find out: risk showing Ollie every last scar. And hope “far from perfect” is good enough for a chance at love.

Warning: Contains superhero porn comics and a cute, accident-prone delivery guy with colour-changing hair. Readers may experience coffee cravings, an unexpected liking for bad mullets, and the urge to wrap Ollie up and take him home

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.00