Final Affair

Venice Vampyr #2

Viola escapes from her family, after being diagnosed with cancer and being given three months to live. She decides to go to Venice, because no one knows her there, and she’d rather not die a virgin. She doesn’t want to cause a scandal for her family either. She goes to a Gentlemen’s club, where unbeknownst to her, she has attracted the attention of one of the crueler men. Dante arrives in time to rescue her from losing her virginity in such a rough manner, and gets her out of the club. When she approaches Dante, he doesn’t believe at first that she is a virgin, and when he treats her a little rough (though gentler than her former admirer would’ve been), she runs away and decides to just end it all then and there by shooting herself in the head. She figures it would be far less painful than sex. Dante catches up to her just as she’s about to pull the trigger, and manages to yank the gun far enough away so that it only grazes her. Dante doesn’t understand the reason behind Viola’s motives. He thinks he just didn’t please her well enough. He ends up taking her home with him, telling himself it’s to save her from herself. They fall in love with each other, though it’s not until Viola steps in the path of a bullet meant for Dante that he realizes he doesn’t want to live without her, so he changes her.

This is a very hot and enjoyable erotic paranormal read. From start to finish this one pulls you in.

Book Blurb for Final Affair

Venice, Italy - early 1800s

Viola has been given three months to live but she refuses to die a virgin. She travels to Venice where she wants to experience physical pleasure with a man without causing a scandal for her family. Afterward, she plans to take her own life to ensure she exits the world painlessly and with dignity. Unfortunately, the man she meets in a disreputable club couldn't be a worse choice for her plans.

Dante, a hedonistic vampire, saves Viola from a violent rake. To stop her from seeking out even more dangerous men to find carnal pleasures, he offers her a night of passion in his arms, only to discover she's a virgin.

Viola flees, disdainful of the sex act and determined to end her life. Horrified, Dante stops Viola from harming herself and proceeds to deliver the pleasure he promised - one kiss and one touch at a time until she's ready to take all of him, over and over again.

Then events force Dante's hand ...

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.00