Down to Earth

Glow, #3

It was a quick hot read, though I didn’t realize it at first, the third book in a series. I am definitely going to get the first two books so I understand the story a little better.

It’s every girls dream about falling in love with a rock star, to a point. Most women aren’t Earth elementals who can make plants go amazingly fast, like Tallulah can. Ike is a teddy bear type of character, once he comes to terms with the fact that he’s in love with Tallulah, and gets that she is not after his spot in the band. Megan Slayer is definitely an author that I will read again. I thought the story a little lacking until I realized it was the third part of a series. Then things that seemed to happen a little too quickly didn’t seem to be happening too quickly at all, I just hadn’t read the whole story.

Book Blurb for Down to Earth

Opposites attract? Are you kidding?

For Ike Clanton, having competition means winning. Best at the guitar, biggest ride, highest hair, most tattoos. Until he meets Tallulah. She's nothing like he wants, but she's everything she needs -- he just has to figure it out.

Tallulah never wanted to join Glow. She's there as a favor, and not to Ike. An Earth elemental and a rock star shouldn't mix, should they?

Add overzealous greenery and a heaping helping of ego to this mix and shake wildly. Maybe being down to earth isn't such a bad thing after all.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 3.00