Demon Lovers

A Succubus and Incubus Anthology

Anyone who reads anthologies knows the risk involved. Sometimes there are one or two really good stories, a few so-so stories and some that just downright blow. Not the case in this anthology! Inara LeVey and Kilt Kilpatrick picked a baker’s dozen of great stories. There was a bit of a clash with Kilt Kilpatrick’s ‘Shine For Me’, with the British slang used, amongst the rest of the stories. ‘Shine For Me’ was actually a very good story, please don’t get me wrong. I just meant that it seemed out of place amid the other dozen stories that were in American English, but maybe that’s just me. A few stories had some unexpected twists, especially Ray Garton’s ‘Shipping and Handling’. A few even had vampires joining the incubus and succubus, kind of like a little added surprise.

I very much enjoyed every single story, and was delighted to discover that there was not a single one that was horrible. I was going to say “not a single one sucked”, then I remembered that a couple have vampires in them, so technically they do ‘suck’, just not in the way I meant. Anyone who loves stories about succubus and incubus would love this anthology.

Book Blurb for Demon Lovers

They come for you in your sleep...

The Succubus, nocturnal seductress of men; the Incubus, the perfect male no woman can resist; enticing demon lovers who haunt your bedroom, slip into your fevered dreams and drag you into delicious sins of the flesh...

Demon Lovers is a fresh new collection of seductive, frightening, hilarious, adventurous, sumptuous, thrilling stories of succubae and incubi from today's hottest and most exciting authors in paranormal erotica!

A girl with something extra finds her match in a mysterious carnival jack; in Victorian London, a celebrated singer with a secret plays a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a lover; girl sleuths at a finishing school must solve a series of deadly seductions before they are the next to succumb; a female UPS driver discovers that the most unlikely of prospects can lead to an unforgettable erotic encounter; to gain an ancient treasure lost to the Arabian Desert, a roguish archeologist in 1927 must gamble on surviving a seductive Moroccan she-demon! You can find these and many more hot paranormal tales in Demon Lovers!

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 3.50