Captured to Breed

Leif wakes up in a prison cell. He soon discovers that he is being held, so that he can become the new breeder of the princess Aurora. Her other breeders seem capable of only impregnating her with sons, and unless she can give birth to a daughter, her mother will not name her as her successor. Her sister Selena thinks that holding and breeding Leif is wrong. The sisters have been raised in a society that gives the females all the power and have reduced the men to barely more than slaves. Selena breaks Leif out of his prison cell as she feels that what Aurora is doing to him is wrong, since he was not raised in a female dominated society. Leif, however, has been taken by the beauty and compassion that Selena showed to him, and wants to give her what Aurora tried to take. After helping Leif break his men out of the cells they were being held in, Leif asks Selena to come with him and be his bride. Selena agrees, after Leif tells her more about what his village is like. Leif, Selena and the men leave, knowing they have to get back to Leif's village to get more men and weapon's to come back for the men too injured to survive the journey.

This was one hot erotic short story. Despite being an erotic short, the historical details were there (and believable too) as well, so if this was ever developed into a longer book, the foundation has been laid. I wouldn't mind seeing this turned into a longer work. This doesn't give the impression that something's been left undone, though the ending did leave an opening for a sequel.

Book Blurb for Captured to Breed

The Norse warrior Leif is captured by a clan where women rule and men are only tolerated for procreation. The crown princess of the clan is in need of a female heir, but her breeders only give her sons. Desperate for a daughter she tries to force the captured warrior to procreate with her, but Leif escapes with the help of the crown princess' younger sister Selena who rebels against the clan's archaic rules.

However, the warrior won't leave without his men who were captured alongside him. As he and Selena work out a plan to free his warriors, they give into their mutual attraction. Selena realizes that her clan has got it all wrong: men are needed not just to procreate but for love, a love she feels growing in her heart for Leif.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.50