Blood Legacy

Carlos was made a vampire against his will in 1737. His maker, Robert, forced him to kill his betrothed, Isabel. Carlos then killed his maker, a move thought impossible by Robert. Robert’s servant Jeffery then told Carlos that he could possibly save Isabel’s life, by giving her just a little of his blood, not enough to turn her, just to heal her. Carlos healed Isabel and told Jeffery to take her away and keep her safe. What Carlos didn’t know, though, was he’d given Isabel enough blood to live for a very very long time. Jeffery and Isabel turn out to be the great-grandparents of Carlos’s new love, Trina.

To me, it seemed to be too much of a blend of Anne Rice’s “Vampire Chronicles” and Stephanie Meyer’s “Twilight Saga”. It has the potential to be a good book, if the Anne Rice and Stephanie Meyer elements were removed. I’m not sure that the author is aware of the similarities. As the book stands though, I can’t say that I would recommend it.

Book Blurb for Blood Legacy

Blood Legacy dives into the story of freedom fighter, Carlos Salazar, who lived by his sword, fighting evil in the guise of righteousness and the atrocities carried out in the name of God- until the night he met true evil. Three hundred years later, he still walks in darkness, his only solace the hope that one day he will find absolution and a purpose under heaven for his cursed existence.

Trina Markham's life was ordinary- until a chance meeting with the man of her dreams. Alarmed by the intensity of their attraction, dangerous passions ignite when she falls head over heels for this dark stranger. But when she finds herself thrust into a world she never knew existed, her life becomes a legacy of blood and lies, a nightmare where the monsters are real. Can she be saved from this nightmare, even if it means choosing death?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 3.00