Anya's Dragons

Anya’s Dragons is a short fantasy story set on another world. I felt that it could be better if it were longer. The author didn’t really have time to develop the characters very much and started plotlines that were never thoroughly explored, they just got lost in other events of the story. It also had the feel of being either the beginning or the middle of a much longer book. I was thoroughly intrigued in the story the author did tell. I felt a little let down though as certain events seemed to be just tossed in all nicely wrapped up, but just glossed over, much in the same way the unexplored plotlines were.

Anya is a royal princess who escapes to the forest after aliens invade and kill her family. She is found by Cyton and Yerith, dragon shifters and taken back to their home. Eventually, she is well enough to return home, and see what has happened to her people. She is welcomed back with open arms, and plans begin for her coronation. Anya wants to bring peace to the dragon shifters and her own people, as it was her father that caused the discord to begin with. She marries Cyton and Yerith and discovers her own inner magic.

Book Blurb for Anya's Dragons

A peaceful world becomes the target for alien treasure seekers who kill all the inhabitants of the castle in their bid to find the hidden object. They are successful in wiping out all the occupants…almost.

Running through the forest, Anya doesn’t bother to look back. Her family and friends are dead and those who did the deed are coming after her next. An exhausted night’s sleep ends in a shocked waking when she finds herself surrounded by strangers.

In the caves of the dragons Anya is pressed into service of the two males who rescued her, and they find it hard to keep control of their instincts when impulse seems far more attractive.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 3.00