Angel Board

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Angel Board

David tried to commit suicide, but was stopped by his guardian angel and his girlfriend coming home. David’s mother gives him an Angel Board for Christmas, so he can talk to his guardian angel. David’s sister Amber objects to the Angel Board, saying it’s just a glorified Ouija board, and dangerous to use alone. David takes it home and uses it alone that very night. The Angel Board allows his guardian angel to cross through to this world, using David as a host. She’s very possessive and jealous of David. Anyone who threatens to come between her and David dies.

This is a very good first effort from Kristopher Rufty, I look forward to reading more of his work. It is a story that not only makes you question demons, but angels as well. I wish that he’d expanded the character Brandon Cartwright a bit more. I would’ve loved to hear more about the angels.

Book Blurb for Angel Board

Not all angels are sane.

Someone saved David Barker’s life, but he doesn’t know who—or what—she is. Now he’s haunted by the image of that beautiful, nebulous vision with the features of a woman and determined to find out why she appeared when he almost died. David uses an angel board in hopes of contacting her, and unfortunately for him, he succeeds. This angel has loved him all his life, guarded him and protected him. And she’ll hurt anyone who interferes with that love. David’s guardian angel is obsessive, possessive…and homicidal. Her unyielding love for him will leave a trail of grisly “accidents” and murders as she eliminates all those who want to hurt David. Or love him.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 3.50