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"Uprising" by Christopher Newman is a tantalizing novel of apocalyptic proportions spanning the chaos and ensuing pandemonium that gripes the city of Youngstown located in the heartland of the United States.

Wow, I thought the prequel "Of Blood and Politics" was amazing, this novel is such a full body price of work that it is a must read for anyone who loves apocalyptic sagas.

The novel is set after the enactment of the Supernatural Outbreak Act of 2018; a policy that allows the use of RWC (Reanimated Working Class/Zombies) to be used as slave labor. It seems that some of the populous has been afflicted with a genetic anomaly that results in the reanimation of the dead into zombies, vampires and werewolves. In "Uprising" the novel's theme is shrouded in the controversial belief that the souls of the zombies may or may not still reside in the reanimated bodies of the dead. There are some activist, ICare, Fear and PETA that believe the latter to be the case and are waging a war on two fronts to have the law repelled.

Trapped within the mayhem that ensues in the novel is Chuck Olsen, mild mannered factory quality control agent. Mr. Newman use of Chuck as the focal point in demonstrating the gravity of the town of Youngstown’s situation was masterful. I love that Chuck is just an average guy dealing with some crazy situations the best way that he can. As the novel progresses there are a number of ancillary characters that are introduced that play a role in imparting key pieces of information, as well as the uncovering of certain hidden agendas.

Mr. Newman does an outstanding job of showcasing the inner lives of the novel's characters in a way that really allows a reader to immerse themselves in the story-line; their duties at work, conflicts between co-workers and the everyday issues that plague most Americans. These are some of the aspects of the novel that really bring the “Uprising” universe into sharper focus for a reader. The gruesome zombie attacks are vivid in their depiction; Chuck’s jumbled feelings of loss and helplessness at witnessing and/or contributing to the demise of friends are all stark and grisly in their brutality. I would love to see this series made into a movie, it would be worthy of the original "Night of the Living Dead". The manner in which the novel escalates its story-line to a fever pitch and the resulting aftermath will astound the reader.

“Uprising” presents a reader with plots within plots, alliances, betrayals and brute military force in its telling; it’s a classic horror novel at its best. I highly recommend it.

Book Blurb for Uprising

Page Count - 268

Imagine a world where the undead have been conquered and are now just another resource to be utilized. You go into your local DMV to renew your drivers' license. The clerk asks, What do you want marked for your Undead Clause? A No answer means upon your reanimation a specialized government team will capture and terminate you. A Yes response directs them to transport you instead to a factory where you are prepared for entrance into the Reanimated Working Class. Due to the Outbreak of 2015, the United States population has sunk dangerously low and the illegal immigrants are gone. There just aren't enough people to do all the jobs that are necessary.

The average American hardly notices them--the red masked members of a new lower caste who walk rich people's dogs, collect errant grocery carts, pick up litter, and shove snow or rake leaves. They go about their mundane tasks faceless and with clamped jaws, apparently harmless to the general public. RWCS are just another humdrum fact of the aftermath of Supernatual Act of 2018. But an RWC's existence isn't what most people think it is. How long can something so hungry - and angry-- be kept in check? With protest groups moving through the halls of Congress, these creatures have become a political hot topic. How far will these lobbyists go to see justice done and the dead interned into American soil? What would happen if they are finally freed to prove a point? They can only do what zombies do best...feed on human flesh.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 5.00