Tales from the Uprising

“Tales from the Uprising” by Christopher c. Newman is a collections of ghastly tales set during the zombie uprising from the novel “Uprising”. The novella documents individual tales of terror and pandemonium as the city of Youngstown falls under the weight of the uprising.

The novella’s approach to story-telling is similar in style to that of classic weekly television series “The Night Gallery” from back in the 1970’s. Each tale is a glimpse into the life of a few selected Youngstown’s townspeople as the zombie uprising escalates to a full blown outbreak. I loved that each story is full of irony and karma. They really put a meaning to be careful what you wish for, it just might happen.

In “The Perils of Journalism” , dreams of making it in the big league takes on a whole new meaning as a field reporter get a firsthand look at the uprisings beginnings. I loved how this tale sets the tone and stage for rest of the novellas in the collection.

In “Plots and Plans”, one unexpected night leads to lost opportunities and a world of misery. This tale has so many hilarious ironic moments, that I just laughed out load.

In “Vengeance Bites”, being the big bad dog in a town overrun with zombies can be a thrilling ride in itself. This tale had a funky “that’s what you get” type ending.

In “Oh Shit, the Dog!”, being prepared is everything, that is until you forget something. I really enjoyed this tale and found myself very fearful for Mortimer.

In “Bath Time”, a trip through the spillway takes on a gritty and disturbing tone. I found this tale to be very military driven with a typical outcome.

In “9-1-1 Can I Help You”, a desperate call for help, becomes a race against time. I want to say this tale was the most suspenseful of the collection.

In “One Shot Barney”, a quick impulsive decision may haunt you for the rest of your life. This tale was too short for me. I need a little more story-line and texture to appreciate its outcome.

Having read “Of Blood and Politics” and “Uprising”, I really enjoyed “Tales from the Uprising” and I highly recommend it. I can’t wait for the next installment.

Book Blurb for Tales from the Uprising

Explore the horrific future of the living dead in these tales set in the world of Christopher Newman's UPRISING. This collection of seven ghoulish tales of terror will walk you with the living and the dead, from the very beginning of the Zombie Uprising to the end. 

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 5.00