Shadow Walker

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Shadow Walker

The Stormwalker Series, #3

"Shadow Walker" book 3 in the Stormwalker series by Allyson James is a heart stopping, fabulously exciting addition to the series. The book will grab a reader from the first page and keep them reading till the end.

Wow! This book is by far the best in the series; talk about laying it all on the line. Ms. James wastes literally no time in thrusting, Janet Begay, Magellan's resident Stormwalker/Hotelier, into yet another mystical adventure that hits too close to our heroine's heart and soul.

The book takes a departure from the previous installment to focus on the other mystical entities that secretly inhabit the human realm. One thing the book and the series as a whole does successfully is incorporate the many aspects of the Native American heritage into its tale. Every nuance of mysticism revealed as the book progresses is so smoothly tied to actual historical events, beliefs and theories.

Shadow Walker is descriptively magical in its narration during several fight sequences and devastatingly brutal in the face of the inevitable confrontations. There are moments when a reader will hold his/her breathe anticipating the stroke that may or may not break our heroine. There are even moments when cheering will be heard and gasp of outrage shudder through the pages. All of these aspects and more cultivate an ever changing landscape that is the world of Janet Begay.

The love, the character angst and personal insecurities, and the need for family are all on display as Janet searches for a way to free her beloved and stop disaster. Along the way the customary ancillary characters from previous installments pay a visit and readily put in a helping hand to unravel the plots within plots. Ms. James even goes so far as to provide glimpses of key moments in some of the characters pasts that help explain their current states of mind. The book flushes out the character development of so many; Nash's war experiences, Gabrielle's family life and even we even get a look at Elena's history. I really loved these parts of the book; each new revelation successfully enhances the story-line.

"Shadow Walker" is a fast paced, smoothly written addition to the series that I thoroughly enjoyed and can't wait for the next installment.

Book Blurb for Shadow Walker

Stormwalker Janet Begay returns home only to have the ground collapse beneath her-literally. After tumbling two hundred feet underground, Janet is rescued by her dragon boyfriend, Mick. But something dark touches Mick while in the sinkhole, and Janet might lose him forever unless she recruites the most unlikely of allies to stop the growing shadow.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 5.00