Model Fantasy

"Model Fantasy" by Abby Gordon is full of sizzling erotic exploits steeped in growing love and devotion.

Ms. Gordon delivers another racy BDSM themed story-line that scorches the pages and presents the reader with an amazing tale of one woman's journey to sexual fulfillment and a man's realization of what his heart desires.

Labeled the "Ice Queen" on more than one occasion, Supermodel Francine, is devastated when she catches her fiancé in a compromising position. Driven to despair Francine checks herself into a non-descript hotel to lick her wounds. Little does she know that some sound advice from a friend will set in motion a whirlwind 24 hours that will change her life? I really enjoy how Ms. Gordon's heroines are BDSM novice’s experiencing their first taste of the lifestyle. The realism and genuine fascination of the character to the lifestyle adds so many dimensions to the novel. Francine’s sexual awakening is intense and sweet. Her willingness to really want to please Grant is one of the aspects of the novel that really works.

Grant is all male and total dominate; just the way I like my BDSM. Ms. Gordon spares no time in establishing his core character traits. He’s is alpha male aggressive in his sexual appetites, yet caring and gentle in his administrations.

The novel's smooth pace and scene transition make for an enjoyable easy read. It's intense sexually explicit scenes are extremely hot and racy. Overall the novel delivers everything that a reader is looking for and leaves them wishing for more. I highly recommend it. 

Book Blurb for Model Fantasy

Supermodel Francine is the sexiest woman alive, and she just found her fiance cheating on her. A tipsy conversation about her erotic fantasies brings about the sexual encounter of her dreams.

Having withdrawn from society life, Grant seizes the chance to dominate the woman he's lusted after for years. But afterward, Grant must again deal with the spotlight when Francine's ex strikes back at her publicly. Can they overcome life's obstacles to make fantasy reality? 

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 5.00