Demonic Power

Book 3 in the Wanton Sins series.

"Demonic Powers" Book 3 of the Wanton Sins series by Rena Marks is a sexual masterpiece of demonic erotica, full of unabashed sexual energy and spontaneity that leaps off the page. Ms. Marks delivers another exciting glimpse into the demonic world of demons and demonesses that really wets the reader’s appetite for carnal delights.

The novel presents an interesting tale of the demon dimension called Luciefyiore, where the now imprisoned Lord Enishka once ruled. It is prophesied that the demon Lord Enishka will find the key on earth that will unlock his imprisonment and allow his return to power. Lord Enishka’s imprisonment has twisted his cruelty to madness that inspires him to devise a plan to use his powers of insanity to enslave the insane and imbalanced of earth; thus allowing him to use them as pawns in his search of the missing hatchling.

Ms. Marks has fashioned an erotic tale with a sexual energy that is very intense and the concept of a demoness that can enrapture those around her to insatiable lust, just adds a new dimension to the concept of being a demon is fun.

The development of the demon realm enlists some vivid visuals that emphasize the demon world of Luciefyioreand its culture; the clothing attire, food and sexual preferences all add texture and life to the realm. I just loved that Ace' horns were depicted as an erogenous zone and that Holly's kisses really ramps up the sexual tension for any one within striking distance. I will say that at times there were some instances of confusion surrounding the shifts in location using the portals, yet they were not enough to deter from the story line.

“Demonic Powers” is a great addition to the Wanton Sins series, that deliver sexual pleasure at every turn and leaves the reader wanting more. I highly recommend it.

Book Blurb for Demonic Power

Holly Dewan has been to Hell. Not only was she kidnapped and carried through dimensions into a strange land called Luciefyiore, she’s told she’s a breed of demon with a rare power, the ability to trigger lust. The man who captured her is large and tight and sexy, with biceps the size of mountains. Eyes of green with horns to match. Temptation has never been sweeter.

Ace is a bounty hunter with one mission, to bring the demoness home. But the woman has tempted him with her lush curves and long, honey-brown hair. Her lips are full, her eyes a mysterious mix of sultry innocence. And he knows just how to trigger her wave of power—a blazing trail licked right down to her core.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 4.25