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Alpha Wolf

The Westervelt Wolves, #5

“Alpha Wolf” book 5 in the Westervelt Wolves series by Rebecca Royce is a fast paced novel that really kicks the series into high gear as the fur fly’s in some really exciting alpha confrontations.

I really love how Ms. Royce does an excellent job of expanding the dynamics of the Westervelt wolf pack with each new installment of the series. The novel switches focus to Kendrick Kane's son Michael as he travels to New Orleans in search of his lost sister and finds a whole lot more.

Reading the novel, a reader will experience a combination of sadness, outrage and happiness as Scarlett begins to find her place within the pack hierarchy. Though her character is portrayed as docile and weak, ultimately she is strong willed and gritty. The similarities of her circumstances and those of today’s society are very thought provoking. It always disturbs me when I read the level of cruelty and abuse that female shifters are subjected to from the male members of their own pack.

“Alpha Wolf” does an outstanding job of explaining the general dynamics of a wolf pack hierarchy that as a reader I really appreciated. Ms. Royce is outstanding in showing the contrast between the New Orleans pack and the Westervelt pack. Michael is a slight enigma; his cool exterior hide ruthlessness afforded a supreme alpha, yet he has no desire to rule. I loved his willingness to exercise patience and his frightening resolve to do whatever is necessary to ensure the safety of all he holds dear. Michael is all alpha and not afraid to show it. His internal conversations with is wolf are another aspect of the novel that I really enjoyed.

“Alpha Wolf” showcases what is means to be an alpha amongst a pack; It’s more than a term, it’s a weight of responsibility to teach, nurture and above all protect those less aggressive or subservient.

I really enjoyed the novel and can’t wait for the next. I highly recommend it. 

Book Blurb for Alpha Wolf

In search of his sister in New Orleans, Michael finds his mate instead. But Scarlett is broken, nearly destroyed. With doom around the corner, Michael Kane has no time to lose. If he can save his mate, perhaps there will be a chance for all of them. Or maybe it’s already too late.

Left with no other choice, Michael will have to teach the wolves in the New Orleans pack how real Alpha shifters behave, while showing his mate he is a man of his word.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 5.00