Shot to Death

Thirty One Tales of Murder & Mayhem

I had really high hopes for this book. I love the mystery genre and I love short stories. A match made in heaven, right? Well, not exactly.

I did enjoy some of the short stories as most had a twist I was not expecting at the end. Some little thing that made me think about the story afterwards. However some of the short stories were so short, I didn't even get what was going on and then the story was over. Kind of left me scratching my head thinking ok, now what? Surely there must be more to it than this? Went to the next page expecting or even hoping it would still be the same story but no, it was on to the next. It was disappointing at times.

That being said, one of the reasons I love short stories is you can read them quickly and when not in a mood to think a lot and concentrate, they are great. There were a lot of the stories that fit into that category. So I don't feel the book was a total loss but there was room for improvement. If you get the book for all of the 31 stories, it will disappoint but if you get the book and read each one knowing that some are just way out there and not much of a story, then you will be ok. All in all not bad but definite room for improvement.

Book Blurb for Shot to Death

Like a 31-bullet magazine, Shot to Death delivers a major dose of murder and mayhem. The work of short story author Stephen D. Rogers has graced over two hundred publications. Here, collected for the first time, are 31 of his stories of murder and mayhem, strewn across the back alleys and back yards of New England. Let this veteran writer lead you through the darkness to show you where the bodies are buried. You might just make it back alive.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 3.25