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Faces of Evil, #9

Heinous is the 9th book in the Faces of Evil series by author Debra Webb.

Eric Spears, aka The Player, is getting closer and closer to Jess. The body count is adding up with people from her past. As she goes through evidence she finds similarities with her parents accident some 30 years ago, which leaves her wondering if it really was an accident. And how did The Player learn that Jess is pregnant? We are left to wonder what the connection with Jess and the serial killer is. Why is he so obsessed with Jess?

Dan is still being framed and now his very job is at stake. Since his house burned down he's been staying with Jess. It seems that after so many years that Jess and Dan will finally make it to the altar, if Jess makes it through this nightmare!

This series has truly become one of my favorite all time. Ms. Webb has taken us in and connected with her readers in a way not many authors can do. Reading this series literally leaves you holding your breath as you turn the pages. I definitely give it 5 stars and would give it more if I could. I highly recommend this book!

The only down fall to Heinous is that it only leaves a couple of more books in this series! I want answers, but I also want the books to continue as the characters have become almost real to me!

Book Blurb for Heinous

The body count is rising. The serial killer obsessed with Birmingham’s Deputy Chief Jess Harris is getting closer, and he knows Jess’s secret. Can she protect the child she carries and the people she loves from Eric Spears and his followers?

The body farm discovered in a small Alabama town has many buried secrets. Is the truth about Jess’s past buried there too? Will learning what really happened to her mother and father help Jess stop the killer determined to have her? Only three more levels in the Faces of Evil series! Don’t miss this one!

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 5.00