Yes, Captain

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Yes, Captain

Aboard her spaceship, Lisbeth misses Acton, the ship's Captain who'd disappeared. His replacement, Troy, is unworthy and unscrupulous. Miserable, Lisbeth searches tirelessly to find the man she secretly loved.

When she locates him on Earth, she convinces Troy it would be in his best interest to rescue him. Soon Acton has been picked up, the only problem is, he doesn't remember who he is. When the ship is attacked, the crew looks to him to save them.

Then his memory comes back and he remembers why he'd been sent to Earth to begin with. The problem still exists and is worse because Troy isn't excited about Acton's plans to deal with it.

Yes, Captain is a fun, intergalactic romp complete with talking lizards and betrayal. In this quick read, Lizbeth and Acton prove their worth and why they deserve happiness.

Book Blurb for Yes, Captain

Lizbeth is having a rough time. After her captain and best friend Acton is kidnapped from their ship, she is forced to serve under the disgusting hand of one of her least favorite people, Troy. But things have improved because she has located Acton. Now, she just needs to convince Troy to turn the ship around so they can go and get him.

Living on Earth with no idea that he is actually the captain of a major space vessel, Acton will have to rediscover his past quickly. The Instigator and all of its crew are under attack from an enemy that will do anything to protect what it values most above other things: the sanctity of Earth.

But as Acton and Lizbeth become reacquainted, they will need their new love to help them defeat the traitor who hunts them and wants only their deaths to satisfy his desires.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 4.00